On Living With Loss

Job 1:21 A friend asked me the other week if I think about our daughter every day. "Honestly, no," I responded. "I do, however, think of my dad daily." For those of you that may not know, our only daughter, Naomi, was born still at 22 weeks gestation in 2014. I went in for my… Continue reading On Living With Loss


Month of May Loveshare!

In honor of the beautiful month of MAY and SUNSHINE and WARMTH (hopefully) and MY BIRTHDAY (which is Friday, y'all) and MOTHER'S DAY, our sweet little Young Living familyteam is offering a SALE on the most gorgeous, luxurious, fancy diffuser! The ARIA diffuser has a maple base and glass dome top,¬†and comes with a remote… Continue reading Month of May Loveshare!

Running: Making the Investment

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 I love running. I'm not particularly talented or fast, but I do it, and I stick with it through thick (quite literally speaking - at 9 months pregnant) and thin. Because of my obvious sentiment for the activity and my experience working in a running specialty store, I often get questions from… Continue reading Running: Making the Investment

That’s Not You…

...And That's Okay Ephesians 2:10   A couple years ago, while participating in a Bible Study on Womanhood, I read about some woman from the 1800s who had like 16 kids, made bread for her family after harvesting the wheat and doing whatever is entailed to turn it into bread, while bringing dinner to and… Continue reading That’s Not You…