Our Story

Romans 12:10 It was the second Thursday in May of 2012. A friend was celebrating her birthday at a local shopping center that was hosting live music and dancing. I had just run the Pittsburgh Marathon in my dad's place the Sunday prior (he had passed away unexpectedly in his sleep two months before the… Continue reading Our Story


Running: Making the Investment

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 I love running. I'm not particularly talented or fast, but I do it, and I stick with it through thick (quite literally speaking - at 9 months pregnant) and thin. Because of my obvious sentiment for the activity and my experience working in a running specialty store, I often get questions from… Continue reading Running: Making the Investment

That’s Not You…

...And That's Okay Ephesians 2:10   A couple years ago, while participating in a Bible Study on Womanhood, I read about some woman from the 1800s who had like 16 kids, made bread for her family after harvesting the wheat and doing whatever is entailed to turn it into bread, while bringing dinner to and… Continue reading That’s Not You…

So Many Pregnancies, So Little Time

Missing Me Psalm 16:5-6 Any moms out there feel like they miss the person they were before all the pregnancies, babies, breastfeeding, and sleepless nights - essentially the hormones gone wild? Jimmy and I have been married a little over five years now. In less than five years, I was pregnant four times. It seems… Continue reading So Many Pregnancies, So Little Time

Motherhood Overload

I Am Not Equipped For This 2nd Corinthians 12:9-11My head hurts. The baby is screaming because he blew out his diaper for the second time this morning. I lay him down to clean him up while thetwo-year-old clings to me, crying because "I'm NOT tired, mommy!" Nobody said anything about being tired, child, but you've done a… Continue reading Motherhood Overload